Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Missing It..

I'm sitting alone here in my room and memories started to roam in my mind.. how nice, how sweet.. then i realised.. there are so many things i miss..

been a while now.. to think about it it's been more than 9 years i haven't been to the place i called my school.. ahh.. rindunye..

all the memories.. the friends.. its just sweet..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

KRS : Activity Update

Fuhh.. aku sebenarnye masih x caye tahun ni aku terpaksa jadi Guru Penasihat KRS.. hmm.. walaubagaimanapun aku amat bersemangat untuk menyahut cabaran ini.. chewah..

anyways.. ni aktiviti bebudak aku.. hmm.. pemilihan untuk peserta kawad kaki daerah.. :)

It's a new year now..

Can't believe time flies so fast.. Feels like it was just yesterday being in Malacca n all.. Been so busy.. didn't really take the time to update and upload new things on the blog.. but here goes..

a flashback on things..

places and some pictures..