Sunday, June 29, 2008

Name's Hidden Meaning?

I was just browsing thru on Facebook..
I saw a post which says "What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning?"
It sounds kinda catchy :P and I never knew that names could have hidden meanings LOL.. true or false, its just for fun. Anyways, curiousity kills me :P went to see what my name meant and tadaaaaaaa... here it is.. for everyone to read :D

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.

You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.
You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are incredibly wise and perceptive. You have a lot of life experience.
You are a natural peacemaker, and you are especially good at helping others get along.
But keeping the peace in your own life is not easy. You see things very differently, and it's hard to get you to budge.

You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.
You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace.
People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

p.s: For those who want to know what your name means, here is where u have to click ;)

Too Damaged to Be Around Friends

There have been too many things in my mind now. Everything seems to be so wrong somehow. Friendships were broken. Maybe it is true what they say; your best friend is your worst enemy.

It is always your best friend who hurts you the most. The closeness and togetherness were all gone in a wink. The friendship itself took ages to build. To ruin it takes a mere second. That hurts me the most when the simplest of all things could be the main reason to the crumbling of a lifetime worth of friendship.

I am damaged :( for I have been left with a broken heart n mending broken hearts is what I am worst at. Been broken too many times before. This time it hurts the most. The person I rely on for moral support and my best friend is no longer here with me. I'm lost.

Life must go on. That is what I keep on telling myself. Move on. Go out! Meet new people. Find new love. Live for a purpose :) keep yourself happy. Enjoy life while u still can..


On My Playlist


I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like.

Is it over yet, in my head?

I know nothing of your kind, and I won't reveal your evil mind

Is it over yet? I can't win.

So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.

I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.

I'm going all the way, get away, please

You take the breath right out of me.

You left a hole where my heart should be.

You got to fight just to make it through,

'cause I will be the death of you.

This will be all over soon.

Pour salt into the open wound.

Is it over yet? Let me in.

So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.

I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.

I'm going all the way, get away, please

You take the breath right out of me.

You left a hole where my heart should be.

You got to fight just to make it through,

'cause I will be the death of you

I'm waiting, I'm praying, realize, start hating

You take the breath right out of me.

You left a hole where my heart should be

You got to fight just to make it through

'cause I will be the death of you.

By: Breaking Benjamin

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last weekend :P

been a while now. really wanted to write something. anything. but its the time that i do not have. the privilege to have time to write. last weekend was great. i mean, i had fun. it was me being happy. my parents were out. lol. as if i wasn’t happy and out when they were actually around. lol. went out with cip cip as usual. had lunch at Nando’s ;) yummm. then went to giant sec 13. dropped by to meet up with a friend :D shahid miss u baby.

hihi. then headed on to Dewan Sivik MBPJ. after long being lost in PJ making the same rounds an all :P we arrived safely to the destination. it was fun. i really missed the dance shows n all. well, i used to love all those arts and culture shows. would pay much to go see them. i just haven’t got the chance to go :( this was really refreshing n nice. love the performance, the colourful clothes and the songs ;)

it’s just unfortunate that i wasn’t able to watch it till the end but then there’s always youtube :P the audio suxx before u play it, put it to MUTE :P

home at almost 11p.m then out for coffee at Pak Li sec 7 [hihik] with SAM. damn, u r funny dude. it’s real fun to be around u. hme at abt 2 a.m :) anyways, that was it. a whole day out with cip cip.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trip to Koh Lanta, Thailand

It takes 3 days to complete editing this video.. 1 day just for finding the suitable song for it. So, here it is.. video of my trip to Koh Lanta with 3 thailand songs from 'Da Endorphine', a famous thailand singer.

It will load slowly.. so be patient k! Have fun guys ;)

Flight from KLIA to Soekarno Hatta Airport

This is my first time experience taking flight alone from KL to Jakarta. Buat2 macho =)

Enjoy the movie!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Something To Look Forward To

Let's join together and support the local music industry ;)

Confirmed Artist Line-Up

1. OAG
2. The ACAB
3. Meet Uncle Hussien
4. The Times
5. The Pilgrims
6. Butterfingers
8. The Aggrobeats
9. Bittersweet
10. Dead Mushroom
11. Roots & Boots
12. Skudap Skudip
13. Julie Love
14. Couple
15. One Buck Short
16. Republic Of Brickfields
17. Sinopsis
18. Stones Garden
19. Pin Head
20. The Official

Here's a taste of the bands :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sky High

I was just browsing through some old photos. I missed those days when I used to fly so often from Sabah back to Shah Alam. What I missed most was the breath taking view from the aircraft window. I loved to sit next to the window. That was when these pictures were taken. For thise who never flew, enjoy :) it's breath taking..

Happy Endings

Weddings and more weddings

24th May 2008 – Fasha

25th May 2008 – Angah

1st June 2008 – My colleague’s son

6th June 2008 – Dianne

15th June 2008 – Fifie

There have been too many weddings to attend. Too many receptions of which I have to be available for. None of it is mine :P Thank God! *sigh*

I’m sure that when we were younger, we’d dream for a wedding which is out of this world. The best ever. With a huge cake and beautiful princess like wedding gowns to match. To marry prince charming and live happily ever after. (lol The fairytale wedding..)

To my friends who invited me over to your weddings, you are most appreciated and I love you all. May God Bless your marriages and that you will have the best life the world can ever offer.

Life hasn’t been fair in most cases.. Which keeps me from thinking and preventing me from moving on in any relationship to this thing called “MARRIAGE”. It does seem nice to love and be loved but it only seems fair if the relationship goes as it is supposed to.. A loving husband, a caring wife and some naughty kids :P

At the moment, the fact of life isn’t as beautiful as I want it to be. So, here’s a story about a relative of mine. She’s a professional (just stating the fact that she isn't some stupid dumb girl who has no qualification of any sort). She works in a government department. She married an officer. They were happy and loving before they were married (Well, I assumed they were.. Why would anyone marry someone they don’t love? :P lol).

But things started to change after the wedding.. It was only a month before she knew how abusive he is.. From that day on, it was cuts and bruises for her.. Enduring it alone, too scared to file a police report.. When the fact is there are acts which prevents domestic violence..

It was a real eye opener when such a thing happens to a relative who is very close to me.. Listening to such cases of abuse in the radio, watching it on TV, reading it on the papers has done nothing much to me and how I feel about how serious domestic violence is. When something like it happened to a relative, whom I myself care for so much, someone I grew up with, I considered as a sister. It gave me a hard impact. It made me a little too careful when considering being in a relationship with anyone.. I mean ANYONE and everyone in this matter..

Will write again soon.. daa~

Selamat Pagi Malaysia :)

I wonder if it’s ok for me to greet “Selamat Pagi” :P It’s only 3.25am on a Sunday morning.. Hoping for a sunny Sunday :) Putting up a blog for good use is definitely going to be hard but it’s worth trying.. Just sharing some thoughts, incidents, happenings and stuff like that.. Which mainly happens in our daily life.. Hoping that it does not effect anyone or anything for that matter.. Read on.. Will try to write as much as I can :) till then.. ciao..

Lepak Hari Sabtu

"ciput..ciput.. watpe la?"
"aku tengah baca paper"
"jom kuar"
"gi mana?"

Pantang ada masa 'free' , gitu la aku ngan member baik aku sowang ni. Gerak 'hang out' di KL, ikut suka mana nak pergi, tak ada plan, semua dirancang 'on the spot'.

Ikut petua dari pengalaman yang lepas-lepas, kalau 'plan' dari awal, rancangan tu mesti berubah-ubah.. Akhirnya berakhir dengan rancangan yang tak dijangka.

Nanti aku upload gambar KL bila aku ada masa :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sabtu di KL

Salam everyone.. It’s a wonderful Saturday.. Woke up with a happy face :P ha ha.. hepi kot.. Bangun je terus menghadap notebook ni.. Turn on Yahoo Messenger.. Nampak je kelibat CipCip terus pm dia.. lol.. Memang takde keje lain..

Bila dia sebut nak kuar je.. aku la yang paling bersemangat.. bosan kot kat umah ni.. lagipun, sabtu maaa.. rilek arr.. haha.. so, plan asal memang nak gi Low Yat.. then aku call membe ni dia plak kata jom lunch.. aku ok je.. hihik.. so, sebelum gi Low Yat, aku ngan CipCip gi amek dia dulu kat tempat dia..

Katne ek tempat dia.. hmmm.. kat Ampang.. sebelah Ampang Point tu.. pastu trus gi park kat Sungei Wang Plaza.. pastu seperti biasa, tak pernah senang nak putuskan nak makan kat mana :P

So, we went all around Bukit Bintang.. (Lama betul aku tak berjalan macam tu.. we really walked all around town). dari Sungei Wang, sampailah ke Pavillion and back to Sungei Wang and still tak decide nak makan kat mana.. At last we went to KLCC.. ha ha ha.. Makan kat Chilli's Grill & Bar..

Right after that we went to my friend's place and hung out for a while before heading straight back home.. And now that I'm home.. It's straight to writing.. Ha ha ha.. Sambil SMS with my fren ni :P hihik.. it was fun tho..


Panda Bounce Anyone?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Resources on Earth

We are organisms. we depend totally on the Earth's resources. If you look around you will notice that the Earth has many resources. We use these resources directly or indirectly. without it we will not survive.

Here are some examples of resources on earth:





Fossil fuel

Living things

The Variety of Resources on Earth

This is the earth where we live in. It is covered with oceans, land and the atmosphere. Scientists have found out that earth is the only planet in the Solar System suitable enough to support life. Have you ever wondered how the earth supports life? what does it have to support the basic needs of all living things? Can all the resources on earth be conserved?

By the end of the lesson, one should be able to
  • know the different resources on Earth
  • understand elements, compounds and mixtures
  • appreciate the importance of variety of earth's resources to man