Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last weekend :P

been a while now. really wanted to write something. anything. but its the time that i do not have. the privilege to have time to write. last weekend was great. i mean, i had fun. it was me being happy. my parents were out. lol. as if i wasn’t happy and out when they were actually around. lol. went out with cip cip as usual. had lunch at Nando’s ;) yummm. then went to giant sec 13. dropped by to meet up with a friend :D shahid miss u baby.

hihi. then headed on to Dewan Sivik MBPJ. after long being lost in PJ making the same rounds an all :P we arrived safely to the destination. it was fun. i really missed the dance shows n all. well, i used to love all those arts and culture shows. would pay much to go see them. i just haven’t got the chance to go :( this was really refreshing n nice. love the performance, the colourful clothes and the songs ;)

it’s just unfortunate that i wasn’t able to watch it till the end but then there’s always youtube :P the audio suxx before u play it, put it to MUTE :P

home at almost 11p.m then out for coffee at Pak Li sec 7 [hihik] with SAM. damn, u r funny dude. it’s real fun to be around u. hme at abt 2 a.m :) anyways, that was it. a whole day out with cip cip.

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