Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It’s really late now. Or maybe it is just really early for some people the clock shows the time, 1:43am. I’m sitting here in my room. Me sleepy eyes tells me to sleep but the urge is too strong. The music player is playing the same tune over and over again. I’m listening to Dig by INCUBUS. Somehow, Brandon Boyd’s voice does not seem to bore me. Not even a bit. Aww… I’ll admit it… I LOVE his voice *wink*wink*

My sleepless nights will soon be over (I hope ^_^). I will need enough sleep soon so that I will be able to wake up and get my lazy ass to work. I have only a few days left to get my biological clock fixed. I am still finding ways and means to do that (Yet I still stay up so late ^o^).

This whole broken biological clock story started when I studied in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah (a part of Malaysia in the isle of Borneo). It’s an hour earlier than where I am, in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Every single time I fly back to KK and from KK I have to adjust myself all over again. It was since that instance my biological clock was rendered with. I used to sleep on time and wake up precisely at the time I wanted to without even needing an alarm clock. My biological clock was working fine but not at the moment.

Then I had to fly to UK which was -8hours from where I am in KL. It took me a few days to really adjust to the time difference. Then again flying back to KL, Sabah and finally back to KL all in one go has really made me so tired. All this flying story is just not for me (it really spoils my mood for traveling though cuz on the opposite of it I LOVE traveling). It’s this broken biological clock that I’m trying so hard to fix. Huhuhu…

I’m amazed how some people can manage to fix theirs so easily and how some who don’t even sleep for days (tell me what’s your secret Ji.. huhu) could manage to make their way through life. How in the world do you manage to do that? How on earth can you perform at your best when you are deprived of sleep? Will someone please tell me…?

If I sleep late then I’ll wake up late ^_^ which will be difficult soon cuz I need to be at work on time or I’ll b out of there sooner than u can imagine.

I really need a fix… will someone please help me…

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