Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brand New

i guess everyone i n this world likes something new.. new clothes, new shoes.. for me.. im up with a new image.. lol..

i like it.. seriously.. i feel more alive now.. i mean, i was alive.. living i suppose.. but now i feel more alive..

so i started a few weeks back.. went to SACC mall and i met this lady at a shop called Muriana's.. she was really pretty.. Arabic i suppose.. she was wearing her scarf a bit different than the usual way.. so i asked, out of curiosity.. how did she do it?

She was more than happy to give me the answer and at that moment i ended up buying two of those scarves..

the next day, i was so excited and i wore them to work and i ended up with a new image of me.. lol.. with a new attitude.. i am a new me..


1 comment:

Ann Asmara said...

u look so pretty la kak jad! peewiiit.