Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flight from KLIA to Soekarno Hatta Airport

This is my first time experience taking flight alone from KL to Jakarta. Buat2 macho =)

Enjoy the movie!


Love Peace Harmony said...

video.. n what camera did u use.. dont tell me its from ur cell.. u r endangering everyone babe :D
lol.. thank god u made it home safely.. luff u..

ciput turbo said...

No no no not a cellphone..
I use handycam :)
Yea.. kick and alive hahaha
(if i'm not, how in the hell i've made this vids lol)

Luv u too laling ;)

p/s Thank God i was not in A*rAs**.. I might have shaky hands lol

Love Peace Harmony said...

yo la shaky hands :p ha ha ha..

ciput turbo said...

Yer ar.. takut ah.. Seb baik aku naik airbus.. relek sket

p/s tiket airbus tu lagi murah dr AirAsia.. pekata.. err.. jom?